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MC33789 Airbag System Basis Chip (SBC) with Power Supply and PSI5 Sensor Interface

   The 33789 is a mixed signal IC for airbag safety applications. The 33789 provides a cost effective and flexible system IC solution across the range of airbag partitions used in cars and other vehicles. The 33789 connects to the 12 V vehicle battery and supplies the multiple voltages of a typical airbag system. The […]

Radar enables active safety

By Mike Stanley Last week, at the electronica 2010 show in Munich, Freescale announced shipment of 77 GHz radar chipset samples to select customers for automotive safety applications.  This expands the Xtrinsic Sensing brand to encompass active safety issues such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and side impact avoidance. Figure 1.  Active Safety […]

Freescale expands Xtrinsic sensing portfolio with intelligent radar technology

77 GHz silicon germanium chipset advances automotive safety by enabling vehicles to sense potential crash situations MUNICH (electronica 2010) – Nov. 9, 2010 – Freescale Semiconductor is now providing samples of 77 gigahertz (GHz) silicon germanium (SiGe) integrated chipsets to select customers for use in automotive radar systems. Freescale’s radar solutions provide long- and mid-range […]

MEMS Executive Congress

By Michael Stanley The 2010 MEMS Executive Congress is being held this week from Nov. 3-5 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Sponsored by the MEMS Industry Group, the conference brings together MEMS suppliers and end-users.  The Congress will include several panel discussions: Smart and Clean Energy: Enabled by MEMS Next-Generation Mobile Consumer MEMS Robotics & Intelligent Healthcare […]

MEMS Technology Summit

By Mike Stanley This week, Stanford University is hosting the MEMS Technology Summit. Event sponsors constitute a “who’s who” of the MEMS field.  The event itself is billed as a celebration of 25 years MEMS development dating back to the founding of NovaSensor by several of the event organizers. The MEMS Technology Summit will cover […]

Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley has 30 years of experience in the semiconductor field. Over the years, he has worked as a bipolar circuit designer, CAD developer, SoC integrator and device architect. He has worked with engineering teams around the world, including South America, India, China, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. After a ten-year stint focusing on […]

“Sense the World” Sensor Video Contest

By Mike Stanley Are you the next sensor design star? Are you sensorhead? So you think you can design? Dance, sing, joke or act your way to $10,000 by submitting a video that showcases your personality and a creative way sensors have impacted your world. Uncreative people need not apply! Do you have a vivid imagination […]

Sensing Danger in Paradise

By Mike Stanley My darling wife recently booked us for a week’s stay at a traditional beach side resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You know the kind of place I’m talking about. Thatched huts on the beach, no phones, no TV, NO INTERNET ACCESS. The kind of place where if you wear shoes […]

When Is Less More? Examining Low-Power, High Function MEMS Accelerometer Options

By Michael Stanley Back in June and July, we discussed the MMA9550L Xtrinsic Motion Sensing Platform, which breaks new ground in the area of intelligent sensors (see Evolving Intelligence with Sensors and The Zen of Sensor Design). Because the MMA9550L CPU is fully programmable, it’s a snap to add new features in software. Design cycles can be shortened […]

Back to School: Technology Advancements Offer Smart Start

by Mike Stanley Most kids heading back to school this month in the U.S. are returning to an environment far different than the one I had growing up in the 60s and 70s in the “hollers” of southern Indiana. Back then, our parents didn’t worry when we disappeared for hours on end, exploring the woods […]