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BMC050 eCompass (6-axes electronic compass)

Product description The BMC050 is a fully compensated electronic compass including a triaxial geomagnetic sensor and a triaxial acceleration sensor (6 degrees of freedom) that delivers excellent performance in very small size. The BMC050 allows for determining precise tilt-compensated geomagnetic heading information and for providing accurate acceleration sensor data.  The BMC050 6-axis, digital e-compass comes […]

BMC056 eCompass (6-axis digital compass)

Product description BMC056 is a low power and low noise 6-axis digital compass. It measures the earth’s geomagnetic field as well as dynamic and static acceleration in all three dimensions and outputs tilt-compensated heading or orientation information. BMC056 is housed in a package with a footprint of 3 x 3 mm2 and 0.95 mm height. […]

BMI055 6-axis inertial sensor

General description The BMI055 is an ultra-small, 6 axis inertial sensor, consisting of: A digital, triaxial 12bit acceleration sensor and a digital, triaxial 16bit, ±2000°/s gyroscope. The BMI055 allows very low-noise measurement of angular rates and accelerations in 3 perpendicular axes and thus senses tilt, motion, shock and vibration in cellular phones, handhelds, computer peripherals, […]

MEMS Pressure Sensors in Pedestrian Navigation

December 1, 2010 By: Jay Esfandyari, PhD, STMicroelectronics Inc., Massimo Mascotto, STMicroelectronics Inc., Gang Xu, STMicroelectronics Inc. Sensors Taking advantage of performance improvements in, and the reduced size of MEMS sensors, we discuss how to use MEMS pressure sensors to aid the altitude measurements from a GPS receiver when used for pedestrian navigation. Performance improvements […]

SMB365: Triaxial Acceleration Sensor

General Description The SMB365 is a triaxial low-g acceleration sensor for consumer market applications. It allows measurements of static as well as dynamic accelerations. Due to its perpendicular axes it provides the absolute orientation in a gravity field. As all other Bosch inertial sensors, it is a two-chip arrangement. An application-specific IC evaluates the output […]