CF190 – PSI5 Receiver


PSI5 receivers

Sensor supply and data transmission for digital peripheral sensors with PSI5 interface (V1.3).

General Description

The Peripheral Sensor Interface (PSI5) is an interface for automotive sensor applications. PSI5 is an open standard based on existing sensor interfaces for peripheral airbag sensors, already proven in millions of airbag systems. The technical characteristics, the low implementation overhead as well as the attractive cost make the PSI5 also suitable for many other automotive sensor applications. PSI5 is a flexible, reliable communication standard for automotive sensor and other applications.

The CF190 is intended for use in electronic control units (ECU) for occupant safety systems or other applications. The integrated circuit contains the Manchester decoding for the received sensor data, the sync pulse generation unit for the allocation of a specific time stamp and the automatic generation of the bidirectional protocol according to the last PSI5 specification.


  • 2 PSI5 channels
  • Bus capability with up to 4 sensors per channel
  • 8 and 10 bit data length
  • Parallel, universal bus, daisy chain
  • Bidirectional communication by μC or with automated sync pulse masking
  • Synchronous and asynchronous point to point mode
  • Sync pulse generation by μC or internally generated
  • 3 different SPI protocols integrated, up to 8 MHz
    • Open SPI protocol
    • Bosch Airbag protocol
    • Bosch Engine Management protocol
  • IC supply and logic levels with 3.3 V or 5 V
  • Sensor supply at the IC pins between 5.6 V and 11 V
  • externally applied (monitoring possible over AOUT)
  • Digital output of unfiltered PSI data on a pin possible
  • Diagnosis pin for fast failure detection
  • Internal voltage and temperature monitoring
  • LQFP32 package (low cost)

 Customer benefits:

  • Fulfillment of the latest PSI5 standard (V1.3)
  • Flexible use in 3.3 V and 5 V systems
  • Choice between 3 different SPI protocols for easy application
  • Various configurations of interface parameters
  • Robust design for high ESD requirements

Application Product Inputs VER typ. [V] Peripheral sensor interfaces Interfaces Features Tj min [°C] Tj max [°C] Package
2 channel PSI5 receiver Download Link CF190 VDD typ.: 3.3 V or 5 V VAS : 6.35…11 V VER typ.: (VAS+2V) … 35V VSYNC typ.: (VAS+4,5V) … 35V 24.4 or 33, (programmable) 2 x PSI5 (V1.3) SPI (3.3 V or 5V)
  • max. 8 sensors
  • bidirectional   communication
  • Bosch AB, EM and   Open SPI protocol
  • Integrated monitoring of   voltages and   overtemperature
  • Integrated diagnosis
-40 150 LQFP32, QFN36 (on request)

SPI = Synchronous Serial Periphal Interface
PSI = Peripheral Sensor Interface Bus


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